Types of Counseling

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Sports & Performance
  • Corporate

Counseling/ Therapy Philosophy:

I approach each client as a unique individual with their own personal history of success and learning.  This solution-focused, strategic, experiential model magnifies the strengths and future potentials of each person.  Therapy is an active, engaging process that promotes creative change in a world of endless possibilities.

Clients learn to get out of their own way, to maximize their capacities, and to anticipate success.  A great percentage of my clients are high functioning people who are stuck in some way.  They are taught ‘How To Become Smart Enough To Know When To Stop Thinking,’ to counteract their symptomatic patterns, which include:  what-iffing, why-ing,  self-criticizing, over analyzing, and catastrophying, to name a few. Clients learn to bypass the limitations of their conscious mind while developing a mastery connecting with the limitless potential of their subconscious mind.  Solution-focused, strategic, and hypnotherapeutic interventions are all utilized to enable each person to step in to their next best self.

Clients will know the therapy is working when their problems, or symptoms, begin to trigger solutions.  For example the person worrying about  what-if this or what-if that will utilize the what-if symptom as a reminder, a positive trigger, to transform it to its therapeutic polarity: the What-Will.  What-If I fail becomes What Will it be like when I achieve my goal.    The self-critical person recognizes her self-defeating inner dialogue as a reminder to ask herself an extremely important question: ‘How would I talk to a friend if she were beating herself up with negatively?’  Well, of course, she would talk to her friend supportively, wanting her to focus on being positive and optimistic.

Your next best self is waiting to be accessed.  Therapy allows this connection with who you want and deserve to be.  It is an empowering journey that frequently creates rapid results.